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This is a short story that is supposed to be silly. I started writing it when I was a little girl, forgot about it, and finished and revised about a three years ago.

The Unusual Day


It was a beautiful hot summer day when I woke up to the sound of melodious music coming from a piano. I sat up in bed, threw off my blanket, and tried to slip my feet into my slippers, while grabbing for my bathrobe. They weren’t there! Shocked, I looked around to find that they weren’t the only things missing. My towels, my sunglasses, sun lotion, hats, and swimming suit were also missing plus a lot more stuff. Then I looked out the window. Max, my dog’s mate, who was wearing my green camo shorts, was jumping into the pool. After him came his five adorable puppies (Sofy, Napoleon, Cupcake, Lily, and Caesar) all dressed in waterproof diapers. Mia, who was dressed in my bathing suit, along with my sunglasses, necklace, sunhat, bathrobe, and slippers, was squeezing sun lotion all over the puppies. That’s when I fainted.

When I regained consciousness, I immediately looked out the window to see if I had been dreaming. Yet to my dismay, Mia and her family was still out there swimming. I quickly ran into the kitchen where Mama was making chili and I fell into her arms. “Mama, what’s going on!?”I cried. “Shh, nothing is going on. I just gave your old things away to Mia’s family,” Mama replied soothingly.

“But how will I swim and where’s Lucky?” I cried out hysterically.

“My dear, I bought you some new things, and Lucky is down at the beach with Essie and Amy.”

“But where’s Ana, Timmy, and Papa?”

Mama sighed. “Ana left for the cheesecake factory at 5:30 am sharp just like always, and Timmy and Papa left last night since Timmy is playing in Manchester.”

“What!?!” I practically screamed. “He’s on Man United, remember,” Mama said looking very much concerned. Thinking that I’d just lost my mind I stared at her not knowing what to say. “Are you okay, Ina?”

“No, Mom, I’m not.”

“Well, maybe the water might clear your head a little bit, so why don’t you go put on your new swimming suit and take a splash.”

She pointed to it. As I changed, I thought to myself, everything must have happened during the middle of the night, while I was sleeping soundly. I sure couldn’t see any other possibility. We had just moved during New Year’s break to our new house that was located in Newcastle, and the most exciting thing that had happened since then, was getting my permit.


I quickly ran outside hoping it was all a dream. When I got to the pool, all the puppies ran up to me, and grabbed my waterproof skirt. They tugged me to the edge of the pool and with the help of Max, pushed me into the chlorine water. As I got out Mia barked at her family as if to rebuke them. Their tails went between their legs as far as their swimming diapers would allow. Mia then ran over to me and squeezed out some of my new sun lotion mom had bought. That water had felt good so I quickly rubbed it on and dived back in.

Afterwards, Mia, Max, and the puppies went inside to eat breakfast. I decided to wander a bit before I went inside, when I remembered the piano playing that had waken me up. It certainly couldn’t have been Mama. She definitely could not play that well. But who could it be?

I opened the fence door and lay down on the soft grass. All of a sudden, I heard someone coming up the path. When I looked up, I might as well have died from shock. For there, before me walking up the path, were Ana’s and my old dolls and stuffed animals from when we were little.

As soon as they spotted me, all the dolls, puppies, and kittens immediately ran over to me shouting. “Aunt Ina! Aunt Ina! Mama! Mama! ”

“You’re finally well again!” Said Rachael shyly, as any little, timid doll would.

“Not really.” I mumbled to myself. “Breakfast is ready.” I proclaimed over the bustling and talking. “Yah!” Everybody shouted, and then rushed inside, except for Hunter. “Aunt Ina,” He asked, “Where’s Mama?”

“She’s at the cheesecake factory.”

“Oh, yeah, thank you I forgot.” He rushed inside.

I opened my eyes and realized I had fallen asleep on the grass and had been dreaming. I ran inside thinking I could eat a whole pot of chili.

Max and Mia were sharing a bone, while the puppies, who were wearing diapers, played an innocent game of tag. Amy, my little three-year old sister, was spreading chili everywhere, while trying to get it in her mouth. Essie, my six-year-old sister, was just finishing eating. As I gulped down my food, I wondered if maybe  my whole morning had just been imagined, yet Mia was wearing a pink collared shirt that was too small for me and neither Timmy, Papa, or Ana were anywhere in sight. Since I couldn’t sort out my thoughts, I decided to take Mia’s family on a walk down to the beach.

It felt wonderful just walking along the shore while the puppies, in their waterproof diapers, chased the waves with Max. I waded in as far as I could without getting my shorts wet and then let my hair loose from the braids they had been in all morning. All of a sudden, I felt a push from behind and screamed as I went head over heels into the water. Mia immediately came to my rescue trying to drag me out by my shirt. “Are you okay?” I heard a deep, young voice ask.

“I’m fine.” I answered sarcastically. I looked up to see a young man with an amused smile, offer his hand to help me up. I tried to stand up by myself, but I slipped on some slippery rocks. I then grabbed his offered hand and he quickly pulled me up. “I see you don’t like a helping hand.”

“Quite the contrary. I believe every young man should offer his hand when a young lady falls. It’s just that… how my teacher put it. Touch is a gift from God and, well, I would prefer not to touch a young man’s hand unless necessary.” I blushed and smiled, “but I guess it was.”

“O, I see. I was wondering if you go to Pilot Lake Camp.”

“Actually, I do. Is your name Joseph?”

“Yah, how did you know that?”

“I guess it’s just hard not to learn people’s names at camp.” He nodded his head in agreement. I looked behind him to see the puppies charging straight for him and before I could yell a warning he fell right on top of me and we both went toppling into the water. “It’s not that bad really.” He said smiling as he stood up. “I rather like being wet.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re wearing swimming shorts, while I’m wearing every day clothes.”

“I thought you lived in Los Gatos, what are you doing here?”

“My whole family is staying with my great Aunt.”

“Cool, for how long?”

“I think two weeks.”

He reached down to pet one of the puppies and asked “Are all of these dogs yours?”

“Actually I’m not so sure anymore. I just found out a couple interesting things today like Timmy being on Man United.

He looked at me with that ‘what’ kind of look and said “Okay?”

“Don’t worry; you’re not the only person confused right now. It was nice seeing you and everything; I had better go since its lunch time. See you at camp.” I immediately walked away completely embarrassed, wishing I hadn’t indicated that I was losing my mind.

I had brought along the key so that I could check the mail. Surprisingly, there were a few letters for me. One of them was from a publishing company, another from Auburn Symphony, and the last from Hollywood. The publishing company had accepted my story, which I did not remember writing; and were going to publish it. The Auburn Symphony was asking me to play for them at their next concert. I’d only played for three years on the flute. A Hollywood director asked me to sing for their new movie. I was really surprised I didn’t go into a state of shock, but I did faint after the first letter, which I decided wasn’t as fun is it had seemed.

When I came into the kitchen, I found Ana sitting at the table eating. “Ana, I was wondering, in case I have forgotten anything, could you remind me of absolutely everything I’m doing next week?” Ana looked at me strangely.”Oookaay. Absolutely everything?”

“Absolutely everything.”

“Well you babysit on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the Jacksons, then the Whisenhunts, and somebody else. You have swim meet in the mornings Monday through Friday. We have Auburn Symphony practice on Tuesday. O, you have your flute lesson on Monday and you’re work on your CD on Wednesday. You and I are playing in a concert on Thursday and then youth group is on Friday like always. Also, you’re giving flute lessons to Sara, Haley, and Wyatt. I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Haven’t you written everything on your calendar?”

“I just wanted to make sure.” I explained and ran to my room. “O God, I just don’t know what to do; everybody seems crazy all of a sudden. I am just a 15 year-old whose world just turned upside down. Please just show me what to do.”

I then pulled out some music that had come in a package for me. “I might as well practice the music, God, since I’m playing whether I’m ready or not.” Amazingly, I found the music easy enough with God’s help and thought maybe everything is not so bad.

After making dinner, I decided to bake some cookies to take with me to church, since everyone is always so hungry in the morning.

After dinner Ana came up to me and demanded. “Why aren’t you getting ready? You’d think that you would be dressed by now and have your hair made.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We’re going to go see your play remember and you’re probably going to be interviewed.”

“Are you saying I wrote a play!?”

“Duh, what else would I be talking about? Come on, I’ll help get you ready silly.”

I nearly fell from weakness, and Ana had to half drag me as we walked. “Why are you so nervous; you told me the actors were wonderful?” Ana questioned. I didn’t answer her question but instead pulled out a dress and asked. “Will this do?”

When we arrived at the Sacramento Performing Arts Center, I realized that there were thousands of people coming to see this play that I had supposedly written. It was a fabulous play telling about God having a perfect plan for each one of us. It was funny yet sad.

When it had finished, the director came onto the stage. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you, Ina Stewards, the writer of this play.”

Everybody started clapping as I was led up to the stage. As I stood in front of the microphone, I looked around nervously, seeing everyone’s expectant faces, as a hush fell over everyone. Silently, I prayed to myself, “God, I don’t know what to say, help me know what to do.” I was about to burst into tears. It suddenly came to me to be an actor, just like I always wanted to be.

“Thank you everyone for coming today. I hoped you enjoyed the show. I know I did.”

As everyone clapped, I realized there was something else I needed to say. “You know I couldn’t have done this without God.”

I then broke down as everyone started cheering wildly and clapping.

All of a sudden a shot rang out. I screamed as the microphone stand toppled over on top of me and a bullet whizzed by my face. More bullets flew by me as I tried to crawl off the stage. Then I felt a strong hand grab my arm and pull me back stage. As I tried to stand up I was knocked down. Tears openly poured down my face as someone fell right next to me with a cry of pain. The shooting finally stopped and I looked up. Lying right next to me was Joseph. His shoulder was bleeding and he was trying to sit up. After that everything happened in a blur as I was taken home.

I felt the sunlight on my face as I slowly opened my eyes. It was Sunday morning. I quickly dressed and walked into the kitchen. When Ana, who was making breakfast, saw me she came up to give me a hug. “Are you okay?”  She asked. “Yes. Did you know that a miracle happened yesterday? The bullet hit the microphone stand instead of me! That shouldn’t have happened but it did. God saved me.” Both of us started crying.

“Ina, guess what, Joseph’s great aunt is an old lady from our church.”

“What! How do you know?”

“She told me, after the incident.”

After a moment I asked, “Is Joseph okay?”

“I guess so. He’s in the hospital though, since he was shot in the shoulder.”

“We should pray.”

Ana nodded, “You’re absolutely right.”

We bowed are heads, and asked God to be with Joseph.






A few days later Joseph got out the hospital even though he was still weak. I saw him at church and thanked him. He just smiled.

I found out later that my neighbor had played the piano. She is a very talented musician, and we soon became friends.

I finally got accustomed to my new life, and never had anything so unusual happen to me again. Wouldn’t you call it an unusual day?