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Here is one of my family’s favorite recipes for meat:

1 lb. of ground turkey or beef (taste good both ways)

5 pieces of bread (any kind)

2 eggs

packet of onion mix

salt to taste, optional

additional seasonings of your choice

flour or bread crumbs

vegetable oil

Take the bread, soak it, squeeze the water out, then crush it into a medium sized bowl. Add ground meat, eggs, onion mix, salt, and additional seasonings and mix it. Take spoonfuls of meat and roll them in the bread crumbs or flour. (I personally prefer breadcrumbs.) For the ground turkey roll into an oval shape then flatten but for the ground beef roll into a round shape and flatten.



Don’t be afraid to use lots of flour or breadcrumbs. Then fry on both sides and don’t be skimpy on the oil either. To make sure it’s cooked through, when you’re done frying them put them in a covered pan.


Last of all Enjoy!