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“When He Carries Me”                                                                                         by Ina Yefimov

Sometimes I think that I’m so great,

Until I feel the sudden weight of sin pressing down on me.

I think, “How godly I’ve become.

My good works day is done”,

And find how arrogant I’ve become.

But when I think I’m strong I fall;

When I am weak Christ picks me up,

And carries me over mountains tall.

He gives me hope;

He gives me strength.

Again I think how I’m so great,

so I ask to be let down.

He listens to my request,

Though he knows it is not best.

A fat and furious river sweeps me nigh,

And to my Savior I do cry.

He catches me in his strong arms,

And wipes the tears from my eyes, and says,

“I am always here”,

And from my eyes came more tears.

“Father, now I realize on my feet,

I meet defeat,

But when you carry me,

Then there is victory!”

Never Alone | ...for it was then he carried me. Jesus is Always with you, you can't See Him but you can Feel his presence--db: The Lord, Saddest Tim, Footprints, God, Flashed Scenes, Jesus Christ, The Beach