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holy bible: A single red rose rests upon the pages of an old bible open to the romantic chapter,  Stock Photo

Each day I surrender anew

Much more I cannot do

Oh the joy that fills my soul.

For then I feel brand new


And then their comes the deepest peace

The worries go in sweet relief

I wonder then how can this be?

That you hold me close to Thee.


I cry out for the lost ones I know

And for those who do not grow

To be more like you every day

Those who have idols in their way.


Though mostly I cry for my heart

That my weaknesses depart

That to you my life I’d give

So that others to may live.


I ask Him that his will I’d see

And what he would have me be

And give me strength to obey

The silent voice that speaks each day.


It’s not just mornings that are sweet

In Which I sing and also weep

I and God walk side by side

And in his love I do abide.