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A little while ago I was reading the biography of George Muller, a man whose life was centered on trusting God to fulfill his every physical and spiritual need. I learned so much from Muller’s life. That God is always in control, and He has a reason for everything that happens. One day as I was reading that book, I felt God leading me to write a song. At first I wasn’t sure what to write, but since God was teaching me a lot about faith during that time, I decided to write about faith. What makes this song so unique is that the words that I recorded weren’t altered at all. The words just came as I sang. Usually, I have to change the words big time. Sometimes, I will even take the recorded rough draft of a song, and only keep the theme, and melody. Though actually, the second and third verses were written at a later time after I had learned the melody, but God continued to lead me with the lyrics. Another thing that makes this song unique is the fact that the verse is in a minor key and the chorus is in a major key.

What is amazing is that soon after I finished writing the song, God used it in my life. One day I had driven a thirty minute drive to an old ladies’ house. Every once in a while I would come and clean for her. For some reason that day, the lady only wanted me to vacuum. I was kind of upset that I had gone all that way to only do a little vacuuming. Then the unexpected happened. As I was driving home, I ran out of gas in the middle of the highway! It was a cold winter day, and I had absolutely no way to communicate to anybody, because my phone hadn’t been charged when I left. But I myself had written, “He will provide for you. Have Faith”, so I had to trust God. I had to trust that He had not only a reason for my situation, but that He would get me out of this situation. For thirty minutes I waited, prayed, cried, sang, until my dad who “happened” to be coming back from playing soccer, and who “happened” to notice his old minivan with me in it on the side of the highway took the next exit and turned around. That day was certainly a big test of my faith, but looking back I am so thankful for it! The truth is I shouldn’t have even gone anywhere that day, and I could have just as easily have run out of gas on a different day when there would be no chance of my dad passing by, but God works out everything for good. Romans 8:28-All things work together for good to them that love God, and to them who are called according to His purpose.

I could tell story after story of tough situations I went through, but God was always faithful. I’m not saying their won’t be tears, because their will be. What I am saying is that when something bad happens, we don’t need to worry, because God promised that he has a reason for everything that happens good or bad, and because He loves us more than a father could ever love his child. Everything that happens will always be for our ultimate good. That is why we as Christians can have peace, and joy in every situation. But faith is a choice. You either choose to trust God, or you don’t. Dear Christian, He is worthy of your trust! Don’t lose faith!