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This is a silly play that I wrote for school a little while ago.



Mrs. Hose

Mrs. Lark, secretary



Scene: In the waiting room at the dentist’s office, Mrs. Hose, a nervous mother is checking in her daughter, Emma.


Mrs. Hose: (Worriedly) Mrs. Lark, you don’t think my Emma is too young do you? After all, she’s only four, and she’s never done this before. Oh, I don’t know. (Bites her lip) I mean what if she has need of a root canal! (Gasps) Or worse a crown! Oh no, I’m sure her mouth will be a disaster! (Emma’s eyes grow big)

Mrs. Lark: Oh, I’m sure everything will be fine…

Mrs. Hose: (Quickly interrupting) Perhaps, we should come back another day.

Mrs. Lark: Oh, I don’t think…

Mrs. Hose: I insist! (Grabs Emma’s hand to leave, and turns, then stops, and to herself says.) Oh, no.  What would Mr. Hose say? He would be furious with me for canceling it! (Turning to the Mrs. Lark) Well, if you think that she’s old enough, I suppose there couldn’t be too much harm in it. (She and Emma sit down on the waiting bench. Both daughter and mother appear agitated.)

Emma: Mama, I don’t want see dentist!

Mrs. Hose: Don’t be absurd, Dearie, you will see that dentist, and that’s final.

Emma: But mama, I don’t want root canal!

Mrs. Hose: I didn’t say you would have it, sweetheart. I only said you might have it. And besides I’m sure it can’t be all as bad as people say it is, and as long as the dentist is experienced, you shouldn’t suffer too much. (To Mrs. Lark)She will have an experienced dentist, will she not?

Mrs. Lark: Ummm….well, actually she going to have…he is very good. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.

Mrs. Hose: Well, he better be! Or I’ll sue the lot of you.

Mrs. Lark: Uh, yes, ma’am.

Emma 😦 Crying now) But mama, I’m scared! I don’t want root canal!

Mrs. Hose: (Taking her in her arms) Shh…everything will be all right. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. After all, you’ll be right as rain in a week or two. And even though I’ve never had a root canal myself, you have to get one of them sooner or later. (Emma sobbing)

Mrs. Hose: Maybe, they’ll give you a sticker. You like stickers don’t you? Come, come now, dear, you must hush! What will the dentist think?

Mrs. Lark: Oh yes, of course, I’m sure we could give a sticker.

(Dentist enters)

Dentist: Ready young lady? Now, don’t you worry about a thing. (Takes the sobbing Emma by the hand, and exits.)

Mrs. Hose: Oh dear! I hope I haven’t made a dreadful mistake! (Fidgeting furiously)

(She continues to hear Emma’s wails)

Emma: (Screaming at the top of her lungs) Mama! Mama! Help! He’s gonna hurt me! Mama!!!

Mrs. Hose: (Stands up) What’s happening to my baby!?

Mrs. Lark: Mrs. Hose, you must calm down! There is nothing wrong! Please, sit down and wait calmly.

Emma: (Continues to scream and wail) Mama! Mama! Mamaaaaa!

Mrs. Hose: (Hears loud drilling noise) She must be in intense pain! Oh, my sweet child, what have I done! (Starts sobbing)

Mrs. Lark: I’m sure she is fine. As for her screaming, it’s your own fault, for scaring that child half to death.

(All of a sudden the screaming and crying stops)

Mrs. Hose: (She springs up, and hysterically says) He’s killed her! He’s gone killed my baby! (Sinks to the floor, and sobs) I should have been a better mother! How could I have been so cruel!

(Door quietly opens and closes)

Mrs. Hose: (Doesn’t look up) (Still quietly sobbing) Emma, oh my sweet Emma.

Emma: Mama, guess what, I’m all done! Mr. Dentist said I don’t have to have root canal, and my teeth are clean now!

Mrs. Hose:  (Looks up shocked, then snatches Emma into a hug) Oh Emma, Emma, never, never again! Oh, my sweet, sweet Emma.

Emma: But mama, I like the dentist. He gave me a sticker.

Mrs. Hose: (Bewildered) But didn’t he torture you? Aren’t you in intense pain?

Emma: (Beaming) He said I don’t have cavities! I’m a good girl!

Mrs. Hose: But I heard a loud drilling noise, and…

Mrs. Lark: (Interrupting) Mrs. Hose, that drill you heard was from the construction site near us. And on her next visit I would suggest not scaring the child, and putting yourself in such frenzy, and perhaps the visit will go more smoothly.

Mrs. Hose: Oh… (Smiling embarrassingly) Well, now, we all make mistakes once in a while. Oh dear, look at the time. We really must be going!  (Taking Emma’s hand) Come dear, we must be off. (To Mrs. Lark) Goodbye! (Heads for the exit quickly)

Mrs. Lark: (Stands up and hurriedly chases after her) Now, wait just a minute! Mrs. Hose! Mrs. Hose! Come back!


The End