My main reason for starting this blog  is to share about my faith and to encourage other Christians. This blog is also I way for me to share with others the songs that I have written, wonderful recipes, and much more.

I hope that you will join me as I share my thoughts and ideas with you.



First of all I am a daughter of the King of kings, & Lord of lords, the Creator of the whole universe

& my goal in life is to share the the good news of the Gospel with others

& to be more like my heavenly Father every day.

I’m the middle child of five kids.

I love music! Singing- my favorite instrument,

And then playing flute! (Improvisation is my best style.)

On the side I play a piano(by chords), a little bit of violin, and a chord or two of guitar.

I am a songwriter as you probably already know.

And I’ve wanted to be in plays… someday maybe I will be…

But what I love even more than all that, are children. I absolutely love them! Especially babies…sigh.

Reading, well.. let’s just say when I read a book I have a hard time doing anything else.

Writing, if you give me a diary I can just keep writing and writing and writing…I am hoping to start writing a book soon, but then again that might not happen for a very longgggg time.

Then there’s cooking(frying is my specialty),  and baking. And then… there’s the eating part.

 I have been home schooled all my life

& am currently a Senior in high school.

Here a list of some of my favorites:

My favorite color is blue,

Favorite flower is a rose,

Favorite candy bar is a twix ice cream bar,

Favorite ice cream flavor is french vanilla,

Favorite dessert? probably milk chocolate and ice cream,

Favorite song is “You Raise me Up”.

Favorite time of year is spring, summer, fall, and winter- they are all unique and have something special about them!

Favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs, & my favorite verse is Psalm 6:9, because it has been really special to me in tough times.

The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer~Psalm 6:9




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