My Personal Testimony



I was born into a Christian family, and I went to church every Sunday, and knew all the answers, backwards and forwards. I could even have probably shared the gospel with somebody if I had wanted to, or so I thought. I had always considered myself a Christian even though I didn’t really think there was a God or heaven or hell, because I didn’t want there to be, but at age seven, I started getting scared. I thought to myself, “What if there really is a heaven and hell.”

I knew from what I had learned in Sunday school, Awana, and my parents that if they were real I would go to hell, and I also knew that hell was a horrible place of eternal mental and physical torture. Just in case, I decided to say “the prayer” thinking that if I said it, then God would let me into heaven.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

During the next two year the seeds of the gospel which had been planted in my life grew and by the time I was nine I actually believed gospel. I knew now that God, heaven, and hell were real. I realized that I hadn’t ever truly gotten saved, and I prayed “the prayer” again. There was only one problem though. I didn’t think that I had ever really done anything that bad, in other words I didn’t think that I needed to be saved. I didn’t any have remorse, though I was taught that everybody sinned and I knew that I had sinned, but I hadn’t really done anything to hurt anybody or so I thought again. Then it happened…

I love reading and I always have. I started reading or just daydreaming instead of listening to my school lessons .Then I stopped doing some of the schoolwork and homework. Finally, I just stopped doing most of my schoolwork and for some tests even copied down the answers from the answer book. When my mom would ask me if I was done with school, I would look her straight in the eyes and lie that I was. For some of you that might not seem like any big deal. But you know what? God sees all sin, every single sin every committed the same. To him there is no difference between disobeying our parents and murder. Each act of sin is absolute rebellion to what Christ has done for us. When my mom found out what I had done, for the first in my life, it finally sank in that my sin hurt me and not only me, but others. I wanted to stop. I didn’t want hurt my mother, but I kept on cheating anyway. And no matter how I tried to cover it up, she still found out. By this time, I had completely lost her trust. I felt hopeless, lost, and I didn’t know what to do. I was so tired of cheating and lying, and sinning in general. The burden of my sin was so heavy.

One day when I was eleven years old my mom took me to a Russian service. The funny thing was I didn’t really understand what the speaker was saying, but I did understand when the Holy Spirit knocked at the door of my heart offering me a chance to change. When the preacher gave an invitation to accept Jesus into my heart, I just knelt down with tears streaming down my face and gave my heart to Jesus. I have never and will never regret my decision to accept the Holy Spirit’s changing power into my life, and now I know with surety that someday I will be in heaven with Jesus, my Savior, and God.

Date of salvation: October 25th, 2010.


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