“Beyond the Stars” Bio


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This song is different then the rest of the songs on my CD, in that, I only wrote the words. The melody and music of “Beyond the Stars” was written by my friend, David Fenton.

You see, David had sent me a recording of his song. He actually wasn’t intending for anyone to write words to his song, but when I heard it, I fell in love with his beautiful minor melody. I asked him if it was okay if I did write lyrics, and, of course, he said yes, otherwise this song wouldn’t be on my CD.

In the first two verses, I’m acknowledging that if I surrender my life to God, then he will use me in a powerful way, and that I shouldn’t fear the thought of surrendering my heart to him, because he gave his life for me. In the third verse, I am asking God to give the strength to surrender to him.

A little before I had  written these lyrics, I had had one of those moments were something just clicks in your heart. I had been reading in John 15, and the fifth verse had particularly struck me. I am the vine , ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. Even though I had read this verse many times, I realized in that moment for the first time that what the verse is saying is: When we spend time with God through prayer and reading the Bible, then there is naturally spiritual fruit in our lives as Christians. In this song I wrote “help me to abide in you each day”, because abiding with God is so important to living a surrendered life. Not that is easy, but he is willing to give the strength.

You can buy the song on itunes or amazon or wherever you want, if you want to.

You can also listen to it on Spotify.

Thankyou so much for your support in my endeavor.

Your Sister in Christ,

Ina Y.



Pro-life or pro-abortion: What Choice Should I Make?


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Since Roe vs. wade there has been 54 million abortions done in all. Abortion is definitely an issue that is being tossed back and forth. Perhaps, right now you are struggling with the decision of whether or not to have an abortion. You might to be worried that you aren’t going to be able to provide for this child, or you might be worried that this child may not have a good future. There is also the possibility that you just don’t want this baby or that you don’t feel ready for parenthood. If you are a Christian, you might be asking yourself is it wrong to have an abortion, after all the baby probably won’t feel anything, and an abortion might fix all my problems, or you might be saying to yourself it isn’t really human, and I have a choice because it is my body. But what if the unborn baby is alive? What if it will feel pain? I think the real question that should be asked here is, “Is abortion murder?”


Is the unborn baby a separate human being? Or is the fetus really a part of our bodies? Do we have a choice? One of the definitions of life is: The existence of an individual human being or animal. That means that if the unborn baby is a separate individual then it is alive, but then again if it is just part of a woman’s body then there shouldn’t be a problem in removing it. After all, it would be just like removing your appendix, or your bone marrow. One could say the fetus is attached to the mother; therefore, it is part of the mother. Yet the question would be what has changed after the baby is born. Is not the baby still attached to the mother until the umbilical cord is cut? Or is it still a fetus even after it is born? Also, does a mother usually have two brains, two hearts, four limbs, two noses, four eyes, and four ears? I think not.  An unborn baby is a new and tiny separate individual growing inside the mother’s womb.


The next question would be, “When exactly does the unborn baby become human? Is it only when the baby is completely formed, or is it at the very beginning of conception?” Many will say that it is when the baby begins to breath. In an unborn baby, breathing and facial expressions become evident at 11 weeks.  In that case, an unborn baby becomes human at about 12 weeks after conception. Yet, a second definition of life is defined as: the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, function, activity and continual change preceding death, which is very clearly saying that anything that reproduces and grows is very much alive, and when we take a look at the word biology, which is the study of plants, animals, and humans, “bio” means life. A plant does not become alive at a certain stage, nor does it become alive when it is completely formed. It is already alive as a tiny seed. It is the same with unborn babies. They do not become humans only when they are able to breathe for themselves. Not only are they reproducing and growing the whole pregnancy, but movement is already evident at six weeks. Science proves that they are living beings from the very beginning of conception. I love how Dr. Seuss puts it, “A person is a person no matter how small.”


But then some might say that the baby doesn’t really feel anything, and the child would be better off aborted, yet it is found that unborn babies already have pain perception at three weeks. It is also found, that the unborn baby has all of its senses by 13 weeks, which includes hearing, and large sensitivity to touch.  The unborn baby not only hears its mother’s voice and can discern its mother’s voice from other voices, but the emotions that a mother feels affects how the baby feels. The baby can also do all sorts of things that prove their humanity. They can hiccup, cry, clap their hands, move to the beat of music, yawn, suck their thumbs, and sleep. Not only are they fully human, but Dr. Paul Ranalli, a neurologist, says that unborn babies at 20 weeks to full term feel more intense pain than an adult would. That unborn babies feel pain is evident in that they fight stay alive when aborted. When in the womb, they writhe in pain from what the doctors do, and try to move away from the danger. The evidence shown through the ultrasound and other technology proves that a baby feels.

A great example that a “fetus” is alive would be Amillia Taylor who was born at just 21 weeks and weighed less than 10 ounces, but she survived and is today a healthy toddler. This girl is only one of many examples of babies who were born prematurely, but lived to grow up. Many times aborted babies are born alive but are either left to die or in some cases killed by the doctors or nurses, when there is the possibility of them being saved. Randy Alcorn, an American protestant author, says, “Compassion for the mother is extremely important, but it is never served through destroying the innocent.” The definition of murder is: The crime of deliberately killing a person. Is abortion murder? The answer is yes.  Abortion is the killing of an innocent, helpless baby. Susan B. Anthony, an American social reformer and feminist in the 1900s, says “No matter what the motive; love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is… guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life; it will burden her soul in death.” Please, do not do something that you would regret the rest of your life, even if the child is a product of rape. There is always the option of giving the baby up for adoption. If you are a Christian then God will provide all the strength and wisdom you need. You can also trust him with your financial system. God has an amazing plan for this little one inside of you. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you , before you were born I set you apart.-Jeremiah 1:5











My Songwriting Bio


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I wrote my first song at age eleven, but my songwriting story goes way back to when I was about seven years old, because that was when I wrote my very first poem, and this is how it goes. Now mind you, it’s really deep. Mr. Nobody said one day, I’m going to disappear today, then the monster said to the crab, search for him right away Moab. Really deep, right?

Well, as I got a little older, about the age of nine, I actually tried to make up songs with Christian lyrics and remember them. I also tried to make up poems with more meaning and with a definite theme. Some examples of things that wrote about were exercise, pets, and friendships. Here is another poem that I probably wrote at the age of nine:

As I went through the world on a trip

I wondered if I could give a tip.

If you look this way and that

You will see green, blue, and black.

Through wonders all displayed,

You can see it’s all grand made;

And our God so mighty and tall

Is so great and made it all.

Could you have made a flower,

Or a dog, and a tree that towers,

A cat, a knat that flies,

All the insects buzzing by,

Can’t you see, He has made?!

For all the things are written with his name.

But all words I wrote that were “Christian” were exactly that to me, just words that I had heard all my life. Now that I look back, even though I tried to write Christian lyrics, I miserably failed because I myself was not a Christian till the age of eleven. At the age of nine, even though I did believe that Jesus had died on the cross for my sins, I hadn’t accepted him into my heart because I didn’t believe that I had really done anything that bad. Until God brought me to a point where I recognized that my sin, however small it may be in the eyes of people, was no better than a murderer’s sin. After my salvation, a new melody was ringing in my heart, which was the most important step towards my writing songs.

At age elven, I also started for the first time playing with chords on the piano, which was another step for my writing songs.

Soon after I accepted Christ as my Savior, I started writing an Easter song. After working for a long time on it, I finally finished it, and though at the time I didn’t know what to call the song, it’s now called “Jesus is Alive”, and it is really my first song that I ever wrote. Some of you here might actually remember me singing that song in church. I certainly know my family remembers because I practiced that song almost every day for two months straight, and I would say it drove them a little crazy after a while.

After I sang that song in church, I tried really, really hard to write another song, but I could not figure out how on earth I had written “Jesus is Alive”.

It frustrated me that I could write down words to the melodies in my head, but then I would always forget the melodies. This went on for two years. At age 13, it finally dawned on me to record the melodies with a camera, and that small discovery opened a huge door for me. Also at age 13, I had started going to music camps and there I learned many things that aided me in writing songs. I grew much more proficient in playing with chords on the piano, I took some theory classes that helped me to understand music better, I learned some techniques for writing songs, and I learned how to improvise really well, and writing a melody to a song is really just improvisation, and remembering what you improvised. During those two years, God was also growing me spiritually, and the lyrics that I wrote was a reflection of the lessons I was learning, and the ways that God was changing me, and that is still true today. For me, writing songs is a way to share a message that I desperately want others to know. The message of what it is like to live a set- apart life for Christ.

Now that I look back, I realize that it was God working in my life. He is the one who gave me the ability musically to write songs, he is the one who gave me the desire to write songs, and he is the one who gave me the words to write songs. Whenever, I had tried to write the songs on my own, the words were empty and didn’t have much meaning. All the glory belongs not to me, or my parents, or Danika Massagli, who is the wonderful lady who taught me how to write songs, but the glory belongs to God, because He is the one who made me. In the same way, he is the one who made each one of you, and he is the one who has given each one of you a gift that you can give back to God.  In Jeremiah 1:5  it says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..”

For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

Psalms 139: 13-14

Victory_in_Jesus (2)

To find out more information about my album check the CD album page.

Abiding with God


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holy bible: A single red rose rests upon the pages of an old bible open to the romantic chapter,  Stock Photo

Each day I surrender anew

Much more I cannot do

Oh the joy that fills my soul.

For then I feel brand new


And then their comes the deepest peace

The worries go in sweet relief

I wonder then how can this be?

That you hold me close to Thee.


I cry out for the lost ones I know

And for those who do not grow

To be more like you every day

Those who have idols in their way.


Though mostly I cry for my heart

That my weaknesses depart

That to you my life I’d give

So that others to may live.


I ask Him that his will I’d see

And what he would have me be

And give me strength to obey

The silent voice that speaks each day.


It’s not just mornings that are sweet

In Which I sing and also weep

I and God walk side by side

And in his love I do abide.



CD Album “Victory in Jesus”


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Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully with shouts of joy! ~Psalm 33:3

I am so excited about my new and first CD! God has blessed me so much in this whole process!

My original music is very different then most music out there. All songs are very melodic and are not comprised of the mundane four chord progression pattern that is so prevalent now a days. Each song has a clear and powerful Christian message meant to help the average Christian in there walk with God.

Victory_in_Jesus (2)

You can check out sample of the songs that I wrote in my album “Victory in Jesus” below:


My Testimony (revised)


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I was born into a Christian family, and I went to church every Sunday, and knew all the answers, backwards and forwards, I could even have probably shared the gospel with somebody if I had wanted to. Therefore, I had always considered myself a Christian even though I didn’t really think there was a God or heaven or hell, because I didn’t want there to be, but at age seven, I started getting scared. I thought to myself, “What if there really is a heaven and hell.”

I knew from what I had learned in Sunday school, Awana, and my parents that if they were real I would go to hell, and I also knew that hell was a horrible place of eternal mental and physical torture. Just in case, I decided to say “the prayer” thinking that if I said it, then God would let me into heaven. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

During the next two year the seeds of the gospel which had been planted in my life grew and by the time I was nine I believed everything. I knew now that God, heaven, and hell were real. I realized that I hadn’t ever truly gotten saved, and I prayed “the prayer” again. There was only one problem though. I didn’t think that I had ever really done anything that bad, in other words I didn’t think that I needed to be saved. I didn’t any have remorse, though I was taught that everybody sinned and I knew that I had sinned, but I hadn’t really done anything to hurt anybody or so I thought. Then it happened…

I love reading and I always have. Who here likes to read? I started reading or just daydreaming instead of listening to my school lessons .Then I stopped doing some of the schoolwork and homework. Finally, I just plain stopped doing most of my schoolwork and for some tests even copied down the answers from the answer book. When my mom would ask me if I was done with school, I would look her straight in the eyes and lie that I was. For some of you that might not seem like any big deal. But you know what? God sees all sin, every single sin every committed the same. To him there is no difference between disobeying our parents and murder. Each act of sin is absolute rebellion to what Christ has done for us. When my mom found out what I had done, for the first in my life, it finally sank in that my sin hurt me and not only me, but others. I wanted to stop. I didn’t want hurt my mother, but I kept on cheating anyway. And no matter how I tried to cover it up, she still found out. By this time, I had completely lost her trust. I felt hopeless, lost, and I didn’t know what to do. I was so tired of cheating and lying, and sinning in general. The burden of my sin was so heavy.

One day when I was eleven years old my mom took me to a Russian service. The funny thing was I didn’t really understand what the speaker was saying, but I did understand when the Holy Spirit knocked at the door of my heart offering me a chance to change. When the preacher gave an invitation to accept Jesus into my heart, I just knelt down with tears streaming down my face and gave my heart to Jesus. I have never and will never regret my decision to accept the Holy Spirit’s changing power into my life, and now I know with surety that someday I will be in heaven with Jesus, my Savior, and God.



True Love


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The Bible says, “God is love,” in John 4:8. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that love is patient, love is kind, does not envy, does not boast, is not proud and much more. But what is love? Love is a choice that we make to care about someone in a self-sacrificial way. An example of true love is when Jesus gave Himself up as the sacrificial lamb for us by coming down to earth to live among sinful man, dying on the cross, and rising from the the grave. Jesus’ love was manifested when he took all our sins ever committed upon Himself so that we can have eternal life. The passion we feel when we see someone who is comely is not love, but infatuation. That feeling and passion goes away in time, but true love or agape love lasts. Therefore, what is the epitome of agape love? For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.-John 3:16



A poem for New Years Day “When He Carries Me”


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“When He Carries Me”                                                                                         by Ina Yefimov

Sometimes I think that I’m so great,

Until I feel the sudden weight of sin pressing down on me.

I think, “How godly I’ve become.

My good works day is done”,

And find how arrogant I’ve become.

But when I think I’m strong I fall;

When I am weak Christ picks me up,

And carries me over mountains tall.

He gives me hope;

He gives me strength.

Again I think how I’m so great,

so I ask to be let down.

He listens to my request,

Though he knows it is not best.

A fat and furious river sweeps me nigh,

And to my Savior I do cry.

He catches me in his strong arms,

And wipes the tears from my eyes, and says,

“I am always here”,

And from my eyes came more tears.

“Father, now I realize on my feet,

I meet defeat,

But when you carry me,

Then there is victory!”

Never Alone | ...for it was then he carried me. Jesus is Always with you, you can't See Him but you can Feel his presence--db: The Lord, Saddest Tim, Footprints, God, Flashed Scenes, Jesus Christ, The Beach

How to have fruit in your life


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God had put in my heart for a lot time a desire for there to be fruit in my life. But try as I might there wasn’t much. At times I felt so useless. I would always waste hours of my days to nothing, and try as I might I couldn’t overcome my weaknesses. I hadn’t been depending on God for his strength.

That’s when I took a closer look a John 15:5~ I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

God started showing me that on my own I was useless, and there wasn’t a purpose to my life, but when I choose to lean on Christ and abide in Him then He is able to work through me so that there is much fruit.

But what exactly is abiding in Christ. It means using your time to read God’s word and pray, instead of spending time with the foolish petty things of the world. There should be a desire in each of our hearts as Christians to spend time with God , and when we do God truly starts working through us to fufill His purpose for us in our lives. Each one of us have been commissioned to share the gospel, but in our own strength we can do nothing. But in Christ’s strength we can do everything He has called us to.

Philipians 4:13~ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.